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Course Reimbursement

Human Resources: Information for staff and prospective employees

The Board reimburses a maximum of 12 credits per fiscal year, July 1 to June 30. Please refer to your Negotiated Agreement regarding the amount per credit. Payments will be made to those who submit all the required materials on the following schedule: the first pay of October, the first pay of February and the last pay in June.


Prior to course registration, you will be required to: 
• Obtain Approval from you Principal or Supervisor
• Retain signed form until completion of course
After completion of course, you must:
• Enter grade earned on Course Approval and Reimbursement Form
• Attach course transcript (unofficial transcript or grade report is acceptable)
• Attach receipt of payment
• Send the completed packet to the Office of Human Resources via email, as a single pdf file, or via pony. Individual documents will NOT be accepted.   
Required Materials:
• Course Transcript
• Receipt of Payment

Direct Pay

We have Direct Payment Agreements with a number of universities. Simply complete the form for your chosen university and obtain approval from your Principal or Supervisor prior to course registration. Provide the form to the university when registering for your course. Please provide a copy of the completed form to the Office of Human Resources for processing. 
Please note: Each university handles transcripts a little differently. You are responsible for understanding your requirements for providing transcripts/grade reports upon course completion.  
Direct Pay Forms: