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Home/Hospital Information


Kent County Public School
Guide for Home/Hospital Teaching

What is home/hospital teaching?

Home/hospital teaching is a short-term itinerant instructional service with specific guidelines for implementation.  The home/hospital teacher works closely with the student’s administrator, counselor, and teachers to ensure continuity in instructional services while the student is out of school.

Who receives home/hospital teaching?

This service is provided to Kent County Public School students who are unable to attend school due to a certified physical or emotional condition.  Home/hospital teaching is provided to a student who is staying home, in a therapeutic center, or in a hospital while convalescing or receiving treatment.

Why is home/hospital teaching provided?

Home/hospital teaching is provided to enable the student to continue academic work and remain current with classroom instruction while absent from school.  Home/hospital teaching can also provide a transitional educational service before a student returns to a regular school setting.

Responsibilities of the school

The school will:
•    Receive and date verifications of need for home/hospital teaching
•    Prepare and submit a registration packet to Student Services
•    Maintain the student on the regular school roll and count the student as present, except when a student is not available for Home/Hospital teaching services
•    Revise the IEP of any student receiving special education services and discuss with the home/hospital teacher how it needs to be monitored
•    Provide the Home/Hospital teacher with materials of instruction.  This includes books, course outlines, tests/exams, projects, service learning information, and any other materials necessary for instruction
•    Determine final grades and what credits are to be awarded

Responsibilities of the home/hospital teacher

The role of the home/hospital teacher is to act as the liaison between the student, the parent, and the school and to help the student remain current with his/her academic program, including all courses needed for graduation

The home/hospital teacher will:
•    Contact the parent/guardian to establish a teaching date and time
•    Contact the student’s teachers to obtain materials and assignments
•    Provide student with instruction for all classes in which he/she is enrolled as appropriate
•    Submit all completed assignments to the student’s teachers
•    Contact Student Services with any questions or concerns

Responsibilities of the parent/guardian

The parent/guardian will:
•    Present to the school verification of the need for home/hospital teaching services
•    Provide transportation to and from a neutral location for home teaching to occur if possible and appropriate
•    If student is unable to leave the home, the parent will provide a safe environment for home teaching to occur; and be sure an adult (21 years or older) is in the home at all times during the teaching session
•    Contact the home/hospital teacher in the event that the student is unable to keep a scheduled teaching session
•    Sign the Home/Hospital Teaching Report after each session
•    Contact Student Services with any questions or concerns
•    Communicate expectations with home/hospital teacher

Responsibilities of the Student

The student will:
•    Maintain motivation and cooperation with the home/hospital teacher
•    Be on time
•    Bring books and materials to the teaching session
•    Spend normal school hours doing school work
•    Complete all assigned work
•    Demonstrate an attitude of respect toward the home/hospital teacher
•    Participate and cooperate with the home/hospital teacher on completing assigned work
•    Submit completed work to the home/hospital teacher