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Service Learning

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What is Service Learning?
Service learning is a method of teaching, learning and reflecting that combines academic classroom curriculum with meaningful service, throughout the community. 

Service learning must include one of the three types of service: direct, such as volunteering in a nursing home; indirect, such as collecting food for a food pantry; or advocacy, such as collecting erosion data and writing to an agency to suggest change. 

Basically, service learning is your turn to give back to society.

How many hours do I need?
You need 75 hours of service learning to graduate in Maryland.
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Getting Your Service Learning Hours

How can I get the hours I need?
Kent County has students earn their service learning hours through embedded curricular units in grades 5 to 9. These units give students the opportunity to earn at least 15 hours per year, so they will have the full 75 hours by the end of grade 9.  

Each school also offers additional hours through recycling, service club activities, honor society activities, etc.

If you need additional hours, it's easy — volunteer!
What if I just transferred into Kent County Public Schools? 
Student Transfer Policy:  Students who transfer into Kent County Public Schools from out of state need to complete the following number of hours before graduation, based on the school year in which they transfer:

Grades 6 to 8
75 hours

Grade 9
45 hours

Grade 10
30 hours

Grade 11
20 hours

Grade 12
10 hours 

I have service learning hours but I don’t know what to do to get credit for them. Whom do I see for forms?
If you have service learning hours completed you must fill out the reflection sheet that is required for each project. This form can be picked up from your school or you can download it here

Once you have filled it in, had it signed, and have completed the project, bring it back to school and turn it into either the school guidance counselor at the elementary or middle schools or Michelle Phillips at Kent County High School. We will record your hours in PowerSchool and you can check your “balance” on your next report card.

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Click here to download the Service Learning Verification Form.